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Oct 3, 2012 5:30am EDT
dollars n taxes and fees... and this yearrs grand prix cost 3-hundred-thoosand dollars lesssthaa expected. baseball and ssccer programs at towssn university... could soon be a thing of the past. a task force... which has been studying ways to strengthen progrrm... is now recommendingg it cut both teams. it save 8-hundred-thousand dollars over the neet 4 years. some athletes say thhy are startled by tte news. 3 (11:53:02) i mean, it was silent. nobody knew what to think. its almost like you ggt hit from ehind and you (11:59:04) "we gave our life place and they throw it away - as if we mean nothing. i gave up my family, my friends,, my girlfriend, just to come play soccer." the school willlhold a public hearrng on the recommendations later this month. the school's president wiil then issue a final deccsion. 3 the oriiles were dominated by taapa bay's pitcher last night.... bbt victory in the seconddto last game of tteeseason. season. but the red sox could not beattthe yankees, so in the american leegue east with one gamm left to ppay... t. tonight. last night this was t
Oct 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
-calledd "fiscal cliff" including those tax cuts sst to expire in january.for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. toos-r-us is already gettinn reedy for the holiiays.the toy store issoffering a price match guurantee this year on all of its products.all you need to get the price match is a cuurent printtad from another store.the catch?ttys &pthat are only availabll in limited quaaities don't qualiff for the offer. cominn up... a recall.. affecting hunnreds of thousands of cars.what's wrong with one honda model.. that could cause a fire. their first viitim 10 years ago today.the chilling remarks convvcted sniper lee boyd malvo is now saying from prissn. 3 a man dies in police custody. what police are saying about the meeical examiner's reort. on ffx45 nnws at five.3 -3& 3 &p3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Oct 3, 2012 5:00am EDT
."without &pbeinn regulated - owners aren't ppying taxes... competition with casinos and lotterr retailers who follow revenue goes to the taxpayers. ii doens't go ouu to help gamblers annonymous. t doesnn' bring revenue to he state. it actually steals money from the staae because to a leeal lottery agencc t a restaurant or a bar and they are losing money."delegateepaa mmdonough doesn't understand sweepstakes games yet.- &pbeing asked to approve expanded gambling....00:23:56 "i'm here today to ssa ' govvrnor and exforcement officials' get off your utts and go to work."police in baltimore cityysent warning but thh operator of this ss... faciliiy has filed suit - in an effort to keep his gaming enforcement is on hold - for nowwmelinda roeder - fox 55 a circuittcourt hearing on thee tomorrow. straighh ahead... a major credit carr company... targeted for its deceptive prac. &ppractices.the big bucks many americans can expeet to get back, ((break 3)) 3 aú aúst week -- diicover issued a multi-million dollar refund to week -- american express faces - a similar situaaion.alison kos
Oct 4, 2012 5:00am EDT
massachussetts gooernor of hopinn to brinn about five trillion dollars inn tax cuts, much of which would benefit high income earners. romney said none oo that was remotely true - and saying he is strongly against any cuts that woulddadd to the deficitt look i have fiiv boys, i'm used to people saying something thaa's not always true but just eee on hoping i'll believe it presideet obaaa then accused romney of an about face:for eighteen monthsshe's been running on this ax plan, nd now ffve weeks before the election, he is saying that his big bold idea s never mind romney also gave theepresident an idee of what he would push for cuts in if lecced - you've been presiddnt 4 said you would cut the deficit in half, its now four years laaer we stilllhave cbo ssys we'll have a trillion dollaa deficitobbmacare is on my list --i apologize mr. president iiuse thaa term with all respect(obama): i like it if you repeal obamacare - and i have become fond of this term - obamacare - if you repeal it - is right awayy those seniors pay 600 dollars more in prescription care the priiary beneficia
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4